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What Knife Do Navy SEALs Carry?

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Unlock the secrets of the Navy SEALs’ most trusted tool: their legendary knives.

In this article, I will explore the world of the elite warriors known as Navy SEALs and the remarkable knives they rely on.

Discover the different types of knives they use, the features that make them so special, and the famous brands behind these incredible tools. Read on to learn about the fascinating world of the Navy SEAL knife.

Navy Seals and Their Knife

Navy SEALs are elite U.S. military members known for carrying knives as standard equipment. Knives are incredibly versatile and often crucial for SEALs.

Knives can cut through materials like rope, fabric, or metal, which is essential when a SEAL must quickly escape tangled ropes or a trapped vehicle. They also serve as backup weapons for self-defense in close combat situations.

Furthermore, knives aid in survival tasks like hunting, preparing food, creating shelter, or starting fires. A knife may mean the difference between life and death in these situations.

Ideal Features for Navy SEALs’ Knives

Navy SEALs protect us from danger. So knives carried by Navy SEALs play a crucial role in helping them do their jobs. Here are some features you’ll find:

Strong and Sharp

A Navy SEAL’s knife must be strong, durable, and sharp. They need it for various tasks, including opening boxes, building emergency shelters, or preparing food.

Easy to Hold

The knife handle must be comfortable and easy to grip. That way, the SEALs can use the knife safely and quickly.


A Navy SEAL’s knife is always small enough to conceal and carry. But it must also be big enough to do those all-important survival tasks. It’s a Goldilocks of knives—not too big or too small.

These three features are what make Navy SEALs’ knives unique. They are perfect for jobs when someone’s life may be at stake.

What Knives Do Navy SEALs Carry?

Navy SEALs must make the right decision when taking a knife on a critical mission. Most SEALs pick from a K-Bar knife, an Ontario blade knife, and the SEAL Team 6 Fox knife brand.

The Ontario 497 Fixed Blade knife is a robust, durable knife perfect for demanding tasks. It’s one of the most popular makes for experienced Navy SEALs.

But many prefer the K-Bar. So what is the K-Bar knife? Navy SEALs choose different types, including the K-bar 1218 and 5020. The 1218 is popular as it has a unique edge making it cut through different materials easily.

But SEALs also love the K-bar 5020 for its strength and sharpness.

Last but not least, the Fox RCST01 is a popular choice because it’s built to handle all sorts of challenges.

Knives help Navy SEALs stay safe. And they play an essential role in assisting them to do their job.

The Unique Navy SEAL Knife

Now that you’ve uncovered the secrets behind the Navy SEAL knife, you can see why it’s so valuable to this elite force.

Continue exploring the world of the Navy SEALs’ gear by browsing the rest of my latest articles, and remember the fantastic world of Navy SEALs and their trusty knives.