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Russian Navy To Be Feared?

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The Russian Navy is one of the largest in the world and poses a significant threat to the US in these trying times. It is split into four different fleets: 

  • Baltic
  • Black Sea
  • Northern
  • Pacific

Of these four fleets, the Pacific Fleet is the main one to watch from an American standpoint. This vast ocean separates the two countries, and there is an obvious need to keep Russian forces at bay. So far, there is no threat as most of Russia’s Naval forces are concerned with missions in the Baltic and Black Sea. 

The Russian Navy Continues To Grow

In recent years, the Russian Navy has grown far larger and stronger than it previously was. This is partially down to the ongoing war in Ukraine, meaning thousands of Russians have been drafted into military/navy service. 

Alongside this, reports are circulating that the Russian navy is adding many smaller warships and submarines to its fleet to further bolster its defensive and attacking prowess. When compared to the US Navy, the Russian fleet pails in comparison. It lacks the large warships that our navy possesses, which is why it relies so heavily on smaller vessels for covert operations and swift strikes. 

Russian Navy Fights Smaller Battles

Despite having a powerful fleet, Russia knows it cannot compete with the US Navy in an outright battle. This is why it takes a different strategy on the waters. The Russian Navy is known for its coastal defense in the Black and Baltic Seas, where it targets small cargo ships and threatens neighboring countries. 

The heroic Ukrainian Army & Navy has enjoyed some success in sinking Russian ships, but the battle in these regional waters continues to be troublesome for the US and its allies. The US Navy has an ongoing mission to stop Russia from attacking or threatening its allies and key trading partners. 

As such, many experts believe that smaller vessels must be added to our fleet to help patrol the regional waters around Russia and deter any more attacks. 

A Deep Water Threat

Submarines have always been a force in the Russian Navy. It has 64 submarines to the US’s 68, presenting a genuine deep-water threat. 

Indeed, many are concerned with the potential that these submarines possess. They are designed with sound-absorbing coating and a wide range of onboard equipment to make them almost impossible to detect. As such, there’s a constant hidden battle going on as the US Navy scours the seas for these submarines to avoid any surprises. 

Join The US Navy Today

The US Navy is in need of more recruits to combat the threat posed by the Russians. While the Russian Navy is much smaller, it still poses problems around the world for the US and its allies. If you want to play a part in stopping this tyranny from spreading across the oceans, find your nearest US Navy recruiter today.