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What Knife Do Navy SEALs Carry?

Navy SEALs must make the right decision when taking a knife on a critical mission. Most SEALs pick from a K-Bar knife, an Ontario blade knife, and the SEAL Team 6 Fox knife brand. The Ontario 497 Fixed Blade knife is a robust, durable knife perfect for demanding tasks. It’s one of the most popular makes for experienced Navy SEALs. But many prefer the K-Bar. So what is the K-Bar knife? Navy SEALs choose different types, including the K-bar 1218 and 5020. The 1218 is popular as it has a unique edge making it cut through different materials easily. But SEALs also love the K-bar 5020 for its strength and sharpness. Last but not least, the Fox RCST01 is a popular choice because it’s built to handle all sorts of challenges.

Knives help Navy SEALs stay safe. And they play an essential role in assisting them to do their job.

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What is the Navy Cross Medal?

The Navy Cross is one of the highest honors that sailors, aviators, and Marines of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps can receive. If you’re interested in joining the Navy, you should know about this prestigious award. The Navy Cross is awarded to exemplary sailors that have demonstrated extraordinary heroism or distinguished service. To receive the medal, the act of distinguished service must meet one of the following guidelines while in combat action:

* Must occur against an enemy of the United States
* While engaged in a military operation involved in conflict with opposing foreign forces
* While serving with friendly foreign forces who are in an armed conflict where the U.S. is not a belligerent party

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Best Way to Find Your Navy Recruiter

If you are interested in finding a Navy recruiter, we can help you do so. Whether you ask for referrals, attend an event, or visit the official website, we hope that you’ll be able to find a recruiter that is right for you. Ready to learn more about finding the nearest Navy recruiter? You can check out one of our latest posts with more information about the topic. Good luck!

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